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Meet The Team

Eric Kristiansen


Eric is focused on building culture. Work gets done through people, and people are profoundly affected by culture.


A lousy place to work can drive away high performers. After all, they have their pick of places to work. And a great place to work can attract and retain the very best.

Mirela Amanovic

Marketing Director

Mirela is an experienced Marketer and oversees all marketing operations of the company.


Mirela has great knowledge of all things marketing. She has the ability to balance a practical mindset with creative business acumen and lead people through complex marketing operations.

James Wright


James uses videos to promote and market your product or service to increase engagement on digital and social channels.


Video content also helps to educate your consumers and customers while reaching your audience with a new medium.

David Trapasso

Communication Specialist

When the marketing team sets the marketing strategy, David is responsible for acting as the megaphone for the company message.


David works to enhance a company’s visibility in the market — to customers, the public, the media, and sometimes to investors.

Tony Fox

Business Support Director

Tony seeks symbiosis. He looks for opportunities for two or more brands to collaborate to promote each other, to their mutual benefit.


Partnerships allow brands to access new audiences, ideally offering a more complete customer experience together than either would separately.